Luci Lantern Fantastic solar powered, inflatable, waterproof lantern. Perfect for camping or as a lightweight, easy to pack lighting solution for backpackers. Best thing is that the company behind them – MPowerD will donate… Continue reading

To Fly Or Not To Fly….

Global warming, carbon emissions, long haul flights. We’ve heard all about it from the media. Even if you are slightly sceptical about the evidence for global warming and believe that maybe this is… Continue reading

TIA – This Is Africa

I’m back from my week of surfing in Senegal. The waves were pretty decent and I was enjoying some long rides towards the end of the week. The surfing really was an aside… Continue reading

Surfing is not like riding a bike! Catching waves in Senegal

I’m a very recent convert to surfing following a stay at a surf camp in Bali almost exactly a year ago. It’s fair to say that I’ve developed an addiction, although I should… Continue reading

Public Photography – Know Your Rights

Interesting video done in London 2011. Glad to see the police know the Law. Obviously, you would be wise to research the laws in other countries before you launch into an argument with… Continue reading

The 25 Least Visited Countries in the World

The 25 Least Visited Countries in the World

It’s official – Australia is awesome

A Guide to Economy Class Etiquette

For those poor unfortunate souls who are forced to endure cattle class in these times of austerity, a few essential tips to survive the experience. Do not be alarmed upon obtaining your boarding… Continue reading

West Coast Loyalty – Why I think Perth rivals Sydney and Melbourne

Recently, I have been reminiscing about my 6 months living in Perth, Western Australia. Not a surprise given the ghastly spring and summer we have had so far in the UK. It also… Continue reading

Land Rover Defender

The ultimate vehicle for those overland trips. Also customisable with a roof tent. Lara Croft not included.

Travellers Anonymous – A Support Group

Some people live to travel. By that I mean, they work respectable jobs earning a decent take-home that allows them to indulge in one of their passions – travelling. If you have ever… Continue reading

My Mantra


This really is honey-moon central. Don’t even think about staying here solo! French Polynesia seems about as far away from London as you can possibly get, both physically and lifestyle-wise. Yes, you probably… Continue reading

Lonely Planet

This travel guide company has become arguably the number one powerhouse in the travel industry. Their guidebooks can be spotted everywhere from tourist hotspots, to tiny villages on some SE Asian Island. They… Continue reading


The Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan ranks up there, along with Tibet, as a mystical country that is even more intriguing due to its relative isolation from tourism. Visitor numbers are restricted and this… Continue reading

Raymond Weil Freelancer

The wristwatch – the only legitimate piece of jewellery a man should ever wear.

North Face Duffel Bag

Hardwearing and water resistant. They take these up Everest. Definitely for the traveller, not the tourist – The antithesis of the wheelie case. Stick to primary colours.

Fujifilm x100

  Fixed frame lens, brilliant IQ, rangefinder aesthetics – perfect travel camera