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Discovering my favourite beach in the whole world – Guess where it is…

I love travelling the globe, ticking off new countries, experiencing different cultures and just getting out there before I grow so old that it becomes too difficult to travel. I’ve been lucky enough to… Continue reading

Country No. 40 – Andalucia, Espana!

Despite only being next door, I had yet to visit Spain. Perpetually put off by the chavs that tend to frequent the beach resorts and easy jet flights, Andalucia did a good job… Continue reading

Kerala: Beautiful today, perfect tomorrow

Finally made it to India. It has long been on my hit list. With ten days, we decided to focus our time in Kerala. The combination of decent beaches, the backwaters and tea… Continue reading

Street Art in Penang

Penang has recently emerged as the heart of the art scene in Malaysia. Forget Banksy. Georgetown in Penang, a UNESCO world heritage site, has their own street artist by the name of Ernest… Continue reading

Marrakech – a victim of its own success

A long weekend trip to Marrakech – a place I’ve always wanted to visit with its promise of souks, friendly people and culture in abundance. The highlights of our trip included our riad… Continue reading

Sunshine Award

Many thanks to Upasna for nominating me for this award. An award for those who bring sunshine to the blogging world, “those who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere”. I’m still very… Continue reading

Fellow Bloggers: Help me pick an African country to work in!

Recent events and good luck have conspired to give me the opportunity of living and working in an African country for 6 months, potentially as soon as 9 months time. I need your… Continue reading

Keeping the Blogisphere a Beautiful Place

Many thanks to for nominating me. We seem to be blogging kindred spirits – we share the same tastes in travel destinations and hobbies – surfing! I’m a blogging virgin really and wish I… Continue reading

Scandi-chic: Summertime in Stockholm

Spent 3 nights in one of the most liveable cities in the world – Lured by the promise of that famous Scandinavian summer sun that gives the locals their much coveted bronze hue. … Continue reading

Travel Photography Live Exhibition + Talk by Andy Rouse

Had a fantastic evening yesterday attending an evening talk at the Royal Geographical Society in London. It was the first event of Travel Photography Live. There was an exhibition of last year’s Travel… Continue reading

Summertime in London Town – Worth the Wait!

Despite constant planning for my next trip abroad, today I have been reminded just how wonderful a British summer can be. Gloriously warm, sunny weather has hit London and is reportedly here to… Continue reading

The Falkland Islands – The Empire’s Last Outpost

The Falkland Islands have always been on my bucket list. Ever since I heard about these tiny islands 8000 miles away off the coast of Argentina, I was intrigued about this clear throwback… Continue reading

Why you need travel insurance

First of all, I must declare any conflict of interest – I do not work for an insurance company or a travel agency. However, I have worked as a repatriation doctor in the… Continue reading

To Fly Or Not To Fly….

Global warming, carbon emissions, long haul flights. We’ve heard all about it from the media. Even if you are slightly sceptical about the evidence for global warming and believe that maybe this is… Continue reading

TIA – This Is Africa

I’m back from my week of surfing in Senegal. The waves were pretty decent and I was enjoying some long rides towards the end of the week. The surfing really was an aside… Continue reading

Surfing is not like riding a bike! Catching waves in Senegal

I’m a very recent convert to surfing following a stay at a surf camp in Bali almost exactly a year ago. It’s fair to say that I’ve developed an addiction, although I should… Continue reading

A Guide to Economy Class Etiquette

For those poor unfortunate souls who are forced to endure cattle class in these times of austerity, a few essential tips to survive the experience. Do not be alarmed upon obtaining your boarding… Continue reading

West Coast Loyalty – Why I think Perth rivals Sydney and Melbourne

Recently, I have been reminiscing about my 6 months living in Perth, Western Australia. Not a surprise given the ghastly spring and summer we have had so far in the UK. It also… Continue reading

Travellers Anonymous – A Support Group

Some people live to travel. By that I mean, they work respectable jobs earning a decent take-home that allows them to indulge in one of their passions – travelling. If you have ever… Continue reading

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