577274_296261843820610_252145825_n A hub of miscellany encompassing:

  • Travel photography
  • Bucket list destinations
  • Backpacking paraphernalia
  • and a mildly narcissistic  journal

Objective – To endeavour to maintain the number of countries I have visited greater than the sum of my years.

Current Status

› Countries  40

› Age  29

My objective is purely self-indulgent and entirely achievable. A rather more ambitious goal would be to cover a map of the world in pins except for places like Magaluf, Costa del Sol and Greenland (there’s nothing there apparently).

Unfortunately, I have come to realise that travel on that scale is only really possible if you are a journalist, photographer, millionaire, or international man of mystery.

Since I am none of the above, this blog will have to suffice.