Street Art in Penang


Penang has recently emerged as the heart of the art scene in Malaysia. Forget Banksy. Georgetown in Penang, a UNESCO world heritage site, has their own street artist by the name of Ernest Zacharevic, a Lithuanian!

I’d seen photos of this street art posted around the internet, but was completely ignorant as to their home. So it came as somewhat of a surprise to stumble upon these works of art while on holiday in Penang.


There are also metalwork installations peppered all over Georgetown that detail the history of each area/street. For example, the area where hairdressers used to congregate, coffee stalls quenching people’s thirst, food markets were set up, shoe shine boys hawked their trade.

The example below, takes the mickey out of the likes of Starbucks. It’s all coffee with milk and sugar here!


If you are ever lucky enough to visit Penang, enjoy the beaches and colonial architecture but make sure you check out the numerous art galleries springing up on a monthly basis and keep your eyes peeled when strolling through Georgetown: there are over 50 street art installations to be found.