Trans-Siberian Railway – the Greatest Rail Journey Ever?


Apologies for being MIA, recent exams took over my life. Now they are done, my mind can revert to its favourite pastime – cabin fever.

Another bucket list item – probably the greatest rail journey possible. For those of you that believe in the mantra ‘it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey’ then the Trans-Siberian Railway is your Shangri-La.


Not only do you get to travel through some spectacular scenery and visit some unique places, but there’s the added experience of meeting all sorts of characters on board the train. Swapping stories with fellow backpackers, rubbing shoulders with workers on their way home, avoiding scams and being mugged – not your average package holiday in the sun.

The highlights for me would be attempting to resurrect any Russian that I have lurking in the vestiges of my brain from my school days and getting to Mongolia – whose barren landscape I find particularly alluring.

It’s also a personal challenge to determine if I really can survive being stuck on a train for over 2 weeks when I’m accustomed to travelling independently and try to avoid being cooped up. Image