Keeping the Blogisphere a Beautiful Place

imageMany thanks to for nominating me. We seem to be blogging kindred spirits – we share the same tastes in travel destinations and hobbies – surfing!

I’m a blogging virgin really and wish I had more time to write, take photos and read about all the fascinating and inspiring things the wordpress community get up.

To accept the award I need to a) drop his page in my post (see above). b) post the award image. (see above). c) share 7 random facts about myself and d) nominate 15 other blogs and let them know about it.

7 Random Facts About Me

  • I only learnt to swim at the age of 13 and I’m still terrible
  • One of my bucket list items is to do an open water swim
  • My current job involves looking after premature babies born as early as 24 weeks gestation
  • I can catch a frisbee while upside-down doing a one-handed cartwheel
  • I have a fear of snakes that stems from a childhood memory of being taken to the snake temple in Penang, Malaysia
  • I did Grade 7 piano but wish i could play by ear
  • I’m allergic to kiwi fruit

15 Blogs I Find Inspiring – inspiring stuff from a woman who has shared her thoughts on life after multiple brain surgeries – Scotland to New Zealand – Kiwis sure know how to travel. Very jealous. – major bucket list envy – love this guy’s photos and posts from exotic locations. Visual escapism at its best – choosing to live life to the full after personal tragedy – A lesson for us all. – ambitious would be an understatement. Go big or go home. – getting the work-life balance right – wish I could take photos like this – proving you can still do some immense travelling without flying – because I can’t bake for shit, but my mouth waters at the sight of those creations. – a wacky idea, well executed – this traveller is doing exactly what I want to do. Beautiful photos and writing make this one of my favourite blogs – because Africa is somewhere I have barely experienced. This blog really captures how unique it is. – something a bit different – wish I was truly musical like this girl. – great to read about someone at the beginning of her travelling escapades who feels that travelling the world is her destiny. Will follow with interest.