Summertime in London Town – Worth the Wait!

ImageDespite constant planning for my next trip abroad, today I have been reminded just how wonderful a British summer can be.

Gloriously warm, sunny weather has hit London and is reportedly here to stay (for at least a week anyway).

Having four seasons really does make you appreciate good weather. The stupendously shite spring and summer till now has resulted in this latest sunny spell heralding an outpouring of national happiness.

The parks are full of people stripping down to soak up these rare rays of tanning goodness. Frisbees are flying, footballs are being kicked, ice creams being devoured. Beautiful people are appearing everywhere – Where do all these ridiculously good looking souls hide during the winter months? Does loosening the shackles of winter clothes turn everyone into a sun-kissed adonis/aphrodite?



When I lived in Perth, Western Australia, sunshine was abundant and I only ever wore trousers when going out to a posh bar in the evening and never wore a long sleeved top. Did I become complacent about the 300 days of sunshine that Perth receives every year? Perhaps a little, but knowing that I would be returning to London, I eked out every last day on the beach, even staying on the beach till 4 hours before my flight was due to depart.


One other possible explanation for the smiles on everyone’s faces might be this weekend’s British triumphs in the world of sport. I specifically use the word British and not English since the ‘British and Irish’ Lions series victory against the Wallabies involved a starting line up of 10 Welshmen and Andy Murray, the historic winner at Wimbledon, is most definitely Scottish, not English!

Quibbles aside, they were victorious, thus they are British and we can celebrate as one big happy nation.

Pimm’s O’Clock?